Vote Federalist!

Written by Elizabeth Donohoe and Alice Choate

One People, One Destiny, Our Unity in Strength

What are we for?

We believe that a strong government designed for and by the people is necessary to keep this nation running and to keep our citizens and their rights fully protected. The role of a successful government is to represent the people's beliefs while being able to stand up for them and to meet their needs.

Our Party's Plans for This Country

We favor the strong government that can control commerce, tax, declare war, and make treaties while the Democratic-Republicans don't . We opposed the gruesome and inhumane French Revolution and the Democratic-Republicans supported it . We had supported Jay's Treaty as the best option for this country, even if it meant we had to make sacrifices. We support New England's young but promising future in engineering, while the Democratic-Republicans support the West and South more. Overall, we support the best future for America, and our opposers do not.

What we want voters to know

One People, One Destiny, Our Unity in Strength. This is what we offer to you-- A country that works fluently as one people, with one destiny in success and prosperity, both of which are made by uniting in strength-- a strength of a government that can and will do what's right for the country we speak of in our motto. We aren't interested in a tyranny, but rather in a government that has the power to protect you. This country has tried to have a small, powerless government and it didn't work-- we want to avoid such that mistake that the Democrat-Republicans wish to impose upon you again and again. We also believe that good relationships with foreign countries are important for steady trade and a lack of harmful wars. Please consider what this country has learned and do not allow the same mistakes to be made-- vote federalist to vote for the best! After all...

Why Would You Vote for a Bad Idea When You can Vote Federalist?

--Democrat Republicans: "YOU are going to decide our country's future, good friend!"