Improving Race Relations

Evan knight

How did slavery begin

Slavery began when merchants started the Triangular Trade. The Triangular Trade is when slaves, crops, and manufactures traded between Africa, Caribbean, and the America Colonies. Trade routes stretching across the Atlantic Ocean. The two main sources were England and Africa. The goods were exchanged for African slaves. The second stage of the Triangular Trade involved shipping African slaves to the colonies. The duration of the journey varied from one to six months depending on weather conditions. The third and final stage of the Triangular Trade involved the return to Europe. Ships returned with goods from the plantations such as cotton, sugar, and tobacco.

Slave ships spent several months traveling to different parts of the Coast buying there cargo. The conditions on the slave ship weren't good they were stripped down naked and examined head to tow by captain. The men were packed down below deck and secured by leg irons. The women were sometimes sexually abused. They were fed twice a day and if they didn't want to eat they were force fed.

They needed so many slaves in the new world to put them to work. There were more slaves in the Southern part of the country because in the northern to have slaves was illegal and in most states in the north African Americans were free.Most states in the north slaves were free and didn't have to be put to work .Slavery was affected by the Cotton Gin because the farmers needed more workers. Slaves were the free labor that Farmers needed to Harvest there cotton. The number of slaves in America increased. The Northern part of the United States bought more Cotton and textile mills. The decency on slaves increased.They needed more slaves to organize the cotton and do work. So slaves increased a lot when the Cotton Gin came out.

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Improve Race Relations

The legacy of Slavery has contributed to these Racial tensions because people look at African Americans as criminals or lower class then white people. To this day people look at African Americans and call them racial slurs and inappropriate names. If a African American is walking down the street they will be the first to be look at if a crime happened. Its difficult for our Country to forget the past of slavery because white people are still holding on to to think that African Americans shouldn't be equal with the whites because of there skin color.

African Americans are not different then whites just because there skin color is darker then ares does not mean there not as smart or there criminals. African Americans should not be judged because the color of there skin. People think African Americans are so bad but really there the same as any white person, so they really cant be judged. A African American was being arrested and then freaked out and the police officer which was a white police officer then shot him 9 times in the back, 9 shots in the back was not needed. Today African Americans get accused of more crimes then a white person.

What i am going to do is start a club talking about how were all equal and skin color doesn't matter. We will talk about how were all humans. It will be a place were everyone can express there feelings in a nice way and explain whats happening to them. The club will be for everyone does not matter what color your skin is. I think this will help people get there anger out and realize that were all the same no matter what skin color you have. This club is a good idea to release you emotions.

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