No Teacher Left Behind

Teaching in the 21st Century

Consisitent Learning Opportunities for Teachers

In order for teachers to stay consistent with learning new techniques and strategies they must first remember their personal philosophy in understanding their role and responsibilities in educating students. Teachers should be motivated and open to learn new techniques and strategies that would better prepare students for a global learning experience in the 21st century. Free training, online classes, webinars, workshops, and teacher resource centers available throughout the school year would assist in teachers learning new skills and innovation to teaching. States across the U.S. are changing the requirement and/or qualifications to become a teacher. Schools are requiring teachers to have higher education level and higher qualifications. Therefore, teachers should be given a fair opportunity to enhance their learning and teaching level in order to provide consistent learning.

Teacher high stakes tests? If so, what would be the standard?

Yes, I feel that as times are changing information is changing, the way students learn is changing, and the information needed to gained are at a higher level. In order for teachers to educate students they must be up to date on the latest technology innovations, and learning techniques, and even classroom management skills. For example, a teacher who has taught in a classroom the thirty years will need new ways of teaching and techniques more modern to relate to her students interest and learning skills. I do not feel that teachers should be put under pressure to take test but should be required to have X amount of hours in training per school year.

"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitudes in actions."

Harold S. Geenen