Gooding Community Newsletter

April 2020, #26

Changes Continue

This edition of the Gooding Community Newsletter, much like our recent special edition, will continue to focus on how the spread of COVID-19 throughout the world is effecting us here at home. We understand that this can be an overwhelming time, both in terms of all of the changes taking places and also in terms of all of the information bombarding each of us. In an effort to not exacerbate this issue, this edition of the newsletter will be shorter than usual. It will include some suggestions for where you can look for more information. Thanks so much for making our community great and keeping it as healthy as possible during this stressful time. The city of Gooding is still here to serve you, so if you have any city related concerns please reach out to us at city hall or though online means. Be well and have faith.

Gooding City Council Meetings Move to Online Format

To abide by and show our support for Governor Little's "Stay-at-Home" order, the Gooding City Council will be meeting on Monday, April 6th at 7:00 p.m. using the online meeting tool Zoom. As always, all in the public are welcome to attend. Zoom can be accessed by app from smartphone or tablet, or from a desktop, laptop, or chromebook computer. To join this Monday's meeting use the following information:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 897 599 538
Password: 453210

We would ask you to remember that like a regular meeting there is an agenda with specific times set aside for public comment and visitor business. If you would ever like to be added to an agenda, just email city clerk Hollye Lierman at

Note From Police Chief Fisher

We are in unique times as we all try to do our part in the fight against the Corona Virus. Please keep in mind that the orders to self-isolate or stay at home issued by the Governor and Department of Health and Welfare are for the well-being of all of us. It does not mean that you must stay at home forever as we all have needs for food, supplies and exercise, but we must be cautious and maintain social distancing for the health of each of us and for others. New testing is on its way to help flatten the curve of infection and limit exposure times once diagnosed in a more timely manner. Our park facilities remain open, but gatherings of people within the parks is forbidden. All toys in the parks are also closed and may not be used during these times and until further notice. The Gooding Police Department is also practicing social distancing by minimizing personal contacts when possible. We are, however, still available at all times and continuing our normal patrols.

The Corona Virus has resulted in a number of other fraudulent activities, including those who will say that they can provide you with any stimulus check from the government. As with nearly all of these schemes, they ask that you to pay them some kind of fee before releasing the funds. Any such request is a red flag for fraud. As always, any guarantee of money in exchange for gift cards is also a red flag for fraud. Be vigilant about any offers of money or requests for your personal information, even from a company you may do business with, including the IRS. If you suspect that a call is not legitimate, do not provide any information and call the company yourself at a known publicized number to verify the authenticity.

Lastly, Spring has finally arrived and we all have little to do and nowhere to go given the stay at home order. This is a great time for spring cleaning and yard maintenance. The Gooding Tree Yard remains open and takes wood of all types in two piles: clippings and lumber. All other rubbish must be taken to the transfer station just north of Wendell and there may be fees for some items such as refrigerators, tires, and extra large items. Most metals are free to dump such as old appliances like washers, dryers, fencing, and scrap. The transfer station in Wendell has a free tire day scheduled for Saturday, 2 May, 2020. The limit is 4 passenger or truck tires per person and tires must be off of the rims or wheels. If you have questions, please visit their website at

Financial Assistance Offered from State/Federal Programs from Senator Michelle Stennett


IDHW is reducing /removing barriers to the provision and receipt of medical care.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children) and SNAPP (Food Stamp) Benefits

IDHW is relaxing inventory requirements that grocery stores must normally meet.

Unemployment Insurance

Under the Federal Cares (Coronavirus Aid Relief & Economic Security) Act

 Will bring at least $1.25 billion to Idaho to help businesses and individuals.

 Rescue Package will direct distribution of $1,200/ individual (up to $75,000/year

income), $2,400/joint returns, $500/child delivered (in 3 weeks if direct deposit, longer if

check is mailed).

 Unemployment benefits are $250-$800/week, depending on state.

 Unemployment benefits will be increased an extra $600 per week for up to 4 months,

and benefits will run for 39 weeks.

 Lending fund for businesses, educational stabilization money for schools and


 Unemployment benefits will be paid for the first week of an unemployment insurance

claim (referred to as a “waiting week” because benefits are not normally paid for the first

week of a claim). Waiving one week waiting period for those eligible makes it easier to

seek. An additional 14 days to appeal claims/decisions will be added to the existing 14


 Unemployment claimants will be considered “job attached,” meaning they are assumed

to be able to return to their old jobs when the crisis has passed and will not be required to

look for alternative work.

 The Cares Act will also relieve employers from having to pay higher unemployment

insurance taxes because of benefits paid to their employees.

 Businesses who pay a quarterly employment tax, will not be charged when their

employees will be laid off due to the virus. Again, an addition 14 days to appeal is added

to the current 14-day time period.

These provisions are in effect beginning March 8, 2020.

Business Dislocation Response

Small businesses and their owners as they generally do not have access to unemployment

insurance benefits, and their business resources are often very limited. Certain small business

services are “essential” in terms of the 21-day stay at home order.

Small Business Administration loans: website up, funds online.

CARES Act has a Paycheck Protection Program and Loan Forgiveness provision, $350 billion

 For 100% federally guaranteed loans for 8 weeks of assistance to small businesses,

501©3, and 501©19 non-profit veteran organizations.

 Disaster loans have a 3.75% interest for a business loan and 2.75% interest on a non-

profit loan. SBA has 30-year amortization loans to keep payments low.

 Proprietors, independent contractors, self-employed individuals are also eligible for these


 These loans can be forgiven when used for payroll costs, interest on mortgage

obligations, rent and utilities.

 SBA and non-SBA lenders will be authorized to make these loans, alleviating a lot of

bottleneck, including their online portal. This will be expedited and most of the lenders in

Idaho are SBA lenders.

 If you are going online to apply for a disaster loan, right now you can receive up to $2

million of disaster relief, an economic entry disaster loan.

Site to apply on online portal, website

Once submitted, can track your application at 800-659-2955 or email SBA questions can be directed to regional office 208-334-

9004 in Boise, Small Business Development Center at 208-426-3875, Treasure Valley Chapter

208-334-1696, Women’s Business Center 208-996-1572.

Resources are free. Beware of scammers. If anyone is charging for services, should be reported

to SBA as scammers. Can find information on and the Idaho Department

of Labor website.

New State Income Tax Filing Deadline: June 15, 2020

The Governor would have liked to extend the Idaho income tax filing deadline to the new federal

income tax filing deadline of July 15th, but Idaho’s current budget year must be in balance on the

fiscal year end of June 30th. This necessitates receiving income tax payments that remain due

before the end of the budget period.

Plus $39.3 million is being transferred from the State Tax Relief Fund to the Disaster Emergency

account, the maximum under law, for critical needs PPE, test kits, lab supplies, hospital beds, to

build extra facilities, and for critical childcare.

Renter Evictions

The Administration has found reaching out to large apartment complex owners fairly easy, but

smaller operators are more difficult to identify and reach. The large operators will have access to government loans.

The Governor noted that eviction cases are not a high priority for the courts now, that his Administration has been working with utilities, including cable companies, to keep

services in place and that appeals have been made to small and large apartment owners not to

evict for nonpayment of rent. The Governor noted that it doesn’t make sense to evict right now

because it is unlikely an apartment can be re-rented to someone else who can pay rent.

2020 Census

It is especially important during this difficult time to participate in the 2020 Census, everyone.

An incredible amount of services and infrastructure rely on the Census data which impacts the

quality of all our lives. The easiest way to be counted is online at

Idaho’s Primary Election

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, Idaho’s Primary Election, set for May 19 th , will be by mail

only. This will require you requesting an absentee ballot:,

Then, send the completed form to your county elections clerk:

clerks/ .

Voters will choose party nominees for the Idaho Legislature, county offices, both U.S. House

seats, and the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Jim Risch (R-Idaho).

Gooding Music Program Update

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are cancelling all events related to our annual fundraiser weekend including the Superhero/Princess event scheduled April 3, and the Enchanted Evening event scheduled April 4. If you purchased tickets for this event and would like a refund, then please contact Please be patient as we expect to process several requests. Patrons may choose to donate these funds rather than receive a refund. We appreciate the community’s continuing support of the Gooding Music Program.

Personal note from the Music Director:

These decisions have not been made lightly. It is painful to not present the music, art, and hard work of our students. We have dedicated a large amount of time leading up to and preparing for these events. Our event cancellations are truly about our whole community. This is about

the percent of our community that will really need a hospital, and a high functioning one. This is about making sure that when our brothers and sisters and neighbors all around us need access to that help, it is available. It’s about slowing the spread to protect the lives of our community – even, and especially, those we don’t regularly interact with. Cancelling our events right now is a profoundly compassionate and human focused step to build up our community, and I just can’t think of a more artistic thing than that. Loving, supporting, and taking care of humans is what the arts is about. Let our silent performances and dark stage be an artistic statement about how we love those around us more than the work we’ve put into our performance. It’s a beautiful thing we have a chance to do, and the world will remember and value that for years to come!


The Annual Members Meeting of the Gooding County Historical Society was held January 18, 2020 at the Gooding County Historical Museum and Research Center.

New Officers for 2020 were elected at the December Election and were installed as follows: Ilene Rounsefell President, Karlee Brown Secretary, and as Directors, Donna Egeler, Fae Christopherson, and Penny Pauls. Continuing to fulfill their 2-year term as Officers and Directers are Larry Graves Vic President, and Barbara Bunn, Ruby Graves, Nancy Turley, and Joani Pauls as Directors. As Museum Director and Curator, Melody Wilkinson, and as Newsletter Editor, Phyllis Kochert.

The next election will be held in December 2020 and the next Annual Meeting for all members and Installation of Officers will be held in January 2021.

The Society is pleased to report a successful year of receiving, cataloging and storing the many Gooding County artifacts that have been brought to the Museum for proper storage and the education and edification of Idaho citizens. Also acquired by the library for the use of all are the digitized early newspapers of the Gooding Leader and the Wendell Irrigationist.

Further Resources

For information on any of the schools in the Gooding School District or the ongoing meals program, please visit

For information about the Gooding Public Library and how to get access to free books online, please visit

For information about the North Valley Academy, please visit

For information about the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, please visit

To stay up-to-date on city related information, please visit

For questions on any local businesses, please call those businesses or visit their respective websites. Our local businesses need all of the support they can get, so if you are able please make your purchases locally.

This is a Publication of the City of Gooding

The Gooding Community Newsletter is a publication designed to share the positive happenings in our community. If you have an event or news item you would like to share, please send along your information to the email address listed below. Should you have an idea you think could improve our community, we encourage you to bring those ideas to the city council with plans on how we can work together to make our city even better. Thanks for listening and sharing!