Johnson's Reconstruction Plan

Overview of Johnson's Plan

Johnson's plan offered general amnesty to people who took an oath of loyalty. Johnson wanted to ratify the 13 amendment which was to abolish slavery. He wanted each state to withdraw its secession and swear allegiance. He also didn't want to give pardons to high ranking confederate officials.

Written Response

I think life was a little better for the freed slaves but not much because they are given citizenship of the U.S. if they were born there. They are also given property that they can call theirs. Even though they still work on farms and under white authority, they are being paid for their work. They don't get much but it's better than receiving no money at all. They are also given food, water, shelter, medical care, and schooling. As a slave, they weren't given schooling or little to no medical care. Even though they were given these things, life was still difficult for them.