Adolf Hitler

Lauren Isaac Academic 4

Who was Adolf Hitler and why did he do the bad things he did? Adolf Hitler was a horrible dictator that no one will ever forget. The reason he killed so many Jewish people was because his mother was treated by a Jewish doctor and died. He was an orphan living in horrible conditions and blamed it on the doctor. Later in life, for revenge he created the Nazi party that captured and killed millions of Jews. Because of what happened in his youth, he turned out to be a bad and revengeful adult.

Hitler did many awful things because he was alone, angry, and wanted revenge as a child. Sadly, so many died because of him.The text states that," Virtually penniless by 1909 he wandered Vienna as a transient, sleeping in bars, flophouses,and shelters for the homeless." Just because of his childhood Hitler blamed the Jews. Later in life during war he needed someone to blame for power so it was Jews. For revenge he created the Nazi party to help him with his evil plan. The Nazis were cruel and killed and captured people for who they were. If captured, they were sent to concentration camps to help work for the war. Some Jews hid with other people and were protected. He did these awful things for revenge and fame.

Hitler was an awful dictator that no one will forget. Hitler was alone and poor when little and blamed it on Jews. For revenge he made the Nazis to capture and kill people because they were different. This proves that Hitler was a horrible person in many ways.