Most significant figure in god mythology

Thesis statement

Zeus is the most significant goddess Greek Mythology that portrays an image that is powerful but also vengeful when necessary


Hera has a wide and powerful influence over various myths, gods and goddesses in Greek Mythology. One god in particular that she was extremely watchful over is her husband Zeus. Zeus is an unfaithful husband that does not care about the goddesses, mortals or gods that his actions hurt, only about his selfish wants and needs.


Throughout many myths that include Hera, she constantly has to deal with Zeus's unfair treatment of their relationship. She prides herself on being a mother and a wife but is never truly comfortable with her role as either. Hera instead exerts a certain amount of control over others’ lives that she is unable to have in hers. The results are sometimes catastrophic and life-altering for those gods and mortals alike that she inflicts her justice upon.


Although Hera tends to meddle in others' lives, she truly sees acts between individuals that affect her life through Zeus as an injustice that she needs to make right. Her impact can still be felt today through symbols of marriage, feminism that will last into the next century.


For example, one of the affairs that Zeus had was with a mortal woman that produced a son.


"Hera hated the great hero Heracles since he was the son of her husband Zeus and a mortal woman" (Skidmore).

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