President Andrew Jackson

A so called hero turns out to really be a zero

The trail of tears

Andrew Jackson the "common man" is not so common. A common man has a heart but that is not the case for this president. Jackson had forced natives off of their land, and moved them to reservations. You would think that this was good but a lot of the natives died on the way to get to these reservations including: babies, children, and elderly. All the deaths of these natives were all on Jackson's hands.The Cherokee tribe had their own government, newspapers, and constitution. Jackson taking away the land from these natives was basically taking away land from civilized u.s. citizens.

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Worcester v. Georgia

Jackson was willing to do anything to get the natives off of their land, even ignore a supreme court ruling. The matter of taking the native's land was brought to the supreme court. The ruling was that Jackson could not interfere with the native's way of life. Jackson had plans though and he went through with them. He completely disobeyed the supreme court and violated the constitution, the very thing he promised to uphold. The natives had been declared a nation and still there land was taken from them by the man without a heart Andrew Jackson. Jackson had basically taken land from American citizens and stabbed the supreme court in the back.

Nullification crisis

Andrew Jackson had passed a tariff that was so hated it was nicknamed " the tariff of abomination". This tariff was so outrageously high that South Carolina had refused to pay it. Jackson had called in the military to enforce the tariff and make South Carolina pay the tariff. Jackson was even going to hang John c. Calhoun for telling the people to petition. Jackson had forced the people to stop the petitions which violates the first amendment. A compromise was finally reached: South Carolina would pay the tariff , but only at a lower price. This event shows that Jackson cares more about money than the people.

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King Andrew

President Andrew Jackson did what he wanted and thought he was above the constitution just like a king

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Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil, and the Presidency