Sunny gleams in Streams

by Blakelin

facts about lakes


Did you know that...

-groundwater can last to a few days to THOUSANDS of years!?

-the amount of water and gas stays the same all the time?

-water is constantly going to liquid to gas?


plankton, everglades, and the coral are some producers/consumers that i have found on different sites that i used!

Predators and prey!

Some stream predators are



and catfish, some prey are...

-aquatic plants, aquatic insects, lily pads, and lily pads!

Abiotic factors!

a few stream abiotic factors are grass, rocks, water, air, and the big word, hydrosphere!


There are a few problems in the stream ecosystem are beavers building dams and blocking some of the water, droughts, and pollution! Yikes!!!

There are about 2 solutions in the stream ecosystem, find more water and pour it into the stream with little water and make a bridge so the water can go UNDER the dam

Instructions on how to make your own streams!

First you Create a rippling, rock-lined hole in your backyard, then pour water into it to make your own simple stream. Then, you plant some flowers/bushes beside it. Finally, you can enjoy the beautiful homemade stream!
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Streams are important and you should take really good care of them! Besides, you need water to survive!!!