Tory Times

For all those loyal to Mother England

March 30, 1770

New York, New York
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Our Duty to Pay

After fighting the French and Indians for the land in the Ohio River Valley, many Colonists felt it was our right to move out to that land. However, the land belongs to the winner of the war, Mother England. That war was costly, in lives and capital. The Indians were a problem not easily solved, and the funds were already drained by the first War. So England proclaimed the land off limits to colonies. Then, the taxes were imposed, but for good reason! The taxes were the only way for the British to boost their economy. They needed to increase the funds after the war in order to continue to protect their colonies, including the AMERICAN Colonies. So instead of refusing to pay and boycotting the taxes, appreciate Mother England and understand the taxes help us also.
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Propaganda Master

I think it is appalling what is happening in Boston. The fact that they believe the soldiers murdered INNOCENT citizens is absolutely false. Mr. Paul Revere has created his "masterpiece" displaying the Boston "Massacre" has spread the idea that the Redcoats have blood on their hands. This has incited anger throughout the colonies. He should be put on trial for spreading lies to incite treason! Those nasty Bostonians incited the incident, throwing rocks and yelling at the outnumbered soldiers. In some ways, they got what they were looking for.
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Letters to the Editor

Dear Tory Times,

You should be disgusted with yourselves the way you do not stand by your brothers of the New World. The British are done controlling us, giving us our rights, and taking our money. We must throw off the chains and be free as God created us.


The Patriot