EIMS Newsletter

May 2016

Hello EIMS Families

First and foremost, I want to extend a huge congratulations to our cast and crew of Shrek the Musical, Jr! Our actors and actresses were phenomenal and displayed such amazing talent. In addition, the stage crew made seamless transitions between acts. I would also like to acknowledge Beth Jenks, Katie Keller, and Will Ruiz for all of their hard work and dedications to our students in making this production something to brag about!

Also, our PBIS team of teachers organized the "Ninja Warrior" event that took place last Friday. Students participated in an obstacle course that tested their strength, agility, balance, and endurance. Furthermore, our participants and the audience members learn valuable skills such as team-building and creating a positive environment that demonstrated great school spirit!

As I said before (and will probably say again!) I feel very fortunate to work at EIMS with such an amazing group of kids! Thank you for all of your continued support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Lori Garsin

Save the Date!

Week of May 2

Teacher Appreciation Week - Thank you to the PTSA for organizing the Cinco-de-Mayo lunch!

May 9, 6:30PM

Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night

May 13, 6:30-8:00PM

School Dance (all grade levels)

May 13

Five-week mark in 4th quarter

May 26, 6:30PM

6th Grade Awards Ceremony

May 30

Memorial Day, No School

May 31, 6:30PM

7th and 8th Grade Awards Ceremony

Click here for the district calendar

High Honor Roll and Honor Roll for 3rd Marking Period

Click HERE to see the names of EIMS students who made High Honor Roll or Honor Roll for the 3rd marking period!

Newest Members to the EIMS Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society

A big "Thank You" to Nancy and Doyle for planning the ceremony. It was great to see these kids be rewarded for all of their hard work!

Darlene Blaise

Madison Blythe

Sarah Borzilleri

Brennan Callahan-Stiles

Krystyn Clare

Lorenzo Cooper

Josiah Covell

Sierra Devlin

Sierra Dominik

Christopher Dutko

Jonathan Dyakiv

Brooke Eastman

Serenity Evarts

Nora Fitzsimmons

Melissa Gramlich

Ervin Gujic

Lauren Harisis

Jayda Hutchinson

Martina Inga

Tulinay Kaplan

Julia Kerba

Payton Kettlehone

Jordan Knier

Summer Koltay

Anthony Lawrence

Dan Liu

Sierra Magliocchetti

Sara McGrath

Lena Miller

Devin Mori

Anna Mukhin

Collin Oakes

Brynne O’Brien

Azzah Omer

Evan Oxley

Mireille Palma-Mendez

Jeffrey Petrie

Olivia Petsos

Andrea Potter

Olivia Randolph

Albby Rodriguez

Jayna Rosati

Jane Schuler

Grace Shaffer

Lalouny Sypaseuth

Collin Thomas-Fayad

Shania Villarini

Alexander Wood

A Message from The EI Education Foundation

The EI Educational Foundation's mission is to fund both student and staff requests for items that are beyond the reach of the budget. Our vision is to raise enough funds to fill every request we receive. Additionally, we fund as many scholarships at year end for our senior students as possible. The only requirement is that the staff nominate a deserving student for something that they may not otherwise be recognized for.

You do not need to be an alumni to be a member of the Foundation. We do not have a non-for-profit status, as yet but it is one of our goals. Currently, we host two fundraisers per year, a community garage sale. Other fundraisers that we hope to establish are giving campaigns and euchre tournaments. We are currently looking for new members to continue the work of our foundation. There is no membership fee and meetings are in the school calendar once per month on Mondays at 6:30pm in central office.

Click HERE to learn more about the Foundation. This also includes contact information if you have any questions.