Principal Update

October 28, 2013

Welcome Back!

Happy Monday BSE Crew,

It was a quick four day break, but hopefully you had enough time to regain your energy and focus for the second quarter. As always we must remind ourselves of the importance of hitting every second of our days with instructional intensity and focus. If you are offering anything that is not of direct purpose to the individual needs of your children, then don't do it! If you are pushing yourself and trying new instructional tactics in any one area of content, go for it! Reflect on your practices daily, collaborate and share your learning with your team, and be engaged in the process every single day. If we all take full advantage of the time prior to winter break we will most certainly guarantee extreme growth. As always I am here to assist you with resources or anything that you may need! Have an awesome week and be sure to start it out right with your students. Your positive attitude and ability to engage children in a manner that is interesting and exciting to them will assist you in meeting their educational goals. Good luck!

BSE Specials Team Steps it up in REAL time, with second grade!!!

BSE "The Time Piece"

BSE Teachers Take Advantage of the Culture Among their Students' Families


RTI Coaches Plan Two Day PD to Ensure High Productivity Via RTI Process

RTI PD: November 4th & 5th

Who: Each Grade Level team – Subs provided – Schedule delivered via email Oct. 29th

Where: Computer Lab


· Explain the RTI model, importance of focus on core curriculum (Tier I), and required action steps for teachers.

· NWEA class breakdown reports & interpret grade level data.

· Make necessary tier movements of students to ensure our services are appropriately aligned.

· Update Data wall

· Explain Progress Monitoring process, timeline, and required teacher actions.

· Explain NWEA skills checklist monitoring (mainly k-2)

· Documentation/Forms and required teacher actions.


· I Pads to log into NWEA

· Progress monitoring information

· Concerns about specific students

· NWEA log in info for at least 1 student

· Open & patient state of mind J

A Letter to YOU from a parent at BSE

I am just writing this email to thank you and your staff for helping all the kids in school achieve their potential. I am a first time parent in this school system and I am truly amazed at how much my child is learning.

My daughter is in 1st grade at BSE. She is always so excited to go to school and wants to keep reading all kinds of books. I met her teacher at the parent conference and she was so excited and keeps doing so many different things in the class. I really wanted to thank you, your staff and all the teachers for being so patient with the kids and helping them love school.

A Reminder of Why BSE Participates in Body Safety Programming and The Importance of Reporting As Soon as You Hear of any Abuse from a Student.

Here are some staggering statistics:

Before the age of 18. . .

· 1 out of every 4 girls is sexually abused

· 1 out of every 6 boys is sexually abused

· 1 of 5 children are solicited sexually while on the internet

· Nearly 70% of all reported sexual assaults (including assaults on adults) occur to children ages 17 and under

· The median age for reported child abuse is 9 years old

· 85% of child abuse victims never report their abuse.

Don't wait to report, radio admin, any time you have such reports of abuse!



As in the past you will receive an email on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 requesting your pledge. You can donate via the following methods (choices offered):

o Payroll deduction - Please note there are 10 payroll deductions – regardless of how the form reads, also the minimum deduction per pay will be $1 (total $10)

o Credit/debit card – one time charge

o Credit/debit card – recurring charges

o Bill my home address

o Stocks and securities

This year the corporation goal is $30,000 with hopes of exceeding 45% participation. Last year HSE ended the campaign with $29,130 and 43.2% participation!

LIKE LAST YEAR, THE BSE GOAL IS 90% PARTICIPATION. The amount is not important to me, personally, however our support for this great organization is. Last year we finished 8th in the district with 49% participation raising $1640.00. Let's move up the ladder and show the district that we are united in our giving spirit. PLEASE MAKE A DONATION VIA THE AVENUES ABOVE, BIG OR SMALL, IT DOESN'T MATTER, BUT PLEASE GIVE SOMETHING.

I know that you all donate your time, energy, and funding to a variety of groups and organizations, so let's put this in perspective. Maybe you can donate five or ten dollars per month or pay? Maybe you could drop the venti, triple mocha latte, each month? That one runs about $6. Maybe you could drop a few other habits or lunch out per moth? Again, it is your $$, so I only seek your participation! In the past you would donate a certain amount for jeans days, however this is now a regular tradition on Fridays, so if that perk helps you donate a few dollars per month please feel free to utilize it.


Service Learning Reminder

Remember that service learning and service projects are amazing ways to engage your students...just remember the following documents on the shared drive and ALWAYS request permission, big or small, via DK before starting your project.

- the Board Fundraising policy/procedure

- the list of Fundraising items that BSE has had approved

- the Fundraiser Request form that staff needs to turn into us EVERY TIME they want to do a fundraiser.

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