Coding Information

By: Esther and Sydney

Information about Code

codes are form(s) of cryptography, meaning for the Greek word kryptos. hidden and Graphia also writing. Both transform legible messages into series of symbols that are intelligible only to specific recipents. codes do so by substituting arbitrary symbols for

meanings listed in a codebook


Definition: a codebook is a program that has listed the types and number of code that a person can use.

Codebooks are the very thing that helps you code complex codes; websites use these code books for graphics and pictures.

Ex: IXL in the front page where there is pictures of everyday math

word coding



document get element by IDC(demo) inner HTML=XTY;</CODE>

HTML computer code formatting HTML normally uses variable letter size and spacing. this is not wanted when displaying examples of computer code. the<KBD>,<SAMP>,and<code> elements all support fixed letter size and spacing.

HTML<KBD>keyboard input the HTML<KBD>elements define keyboard input.

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Definition of Code

a code is a set of symbolic strings("code grapes") that are listed along with their assigned meanings, in a code book

The History of Code

Computer codes go back way into the 1940's. Without computer codes your tablet or computers won't work at all. the block code, now used by schools to secure non-safe material from children was found near 1940, by technologist know some call coders. Games like " StarCraft", or "" uses code to make the game as fun as ever.