Rosewood Faculty Update

December 15 - 19, 2014

WE DID IT !!!!!!

THANK YOU for all the hard work leading to our IB Evaluation visit. Things went very, very well thanks to all the hard work you do EACH and EVERY day. The team commented numerous times about the welcoming atmosphere and kind spirit that was felt. That is HUGE for Rosewood, since not long ago our climate surveys showed that being welcoming was not our strength. You are CONFIDENT and PROUD of the work you do each day with children...and that makes it easy to be so open and welcoming.

All the work that has gone into the visit has helped give us additional items for discussion, review and collaboration. The feedback will help drive our goals going forward. The best part about a visit like this is the conversation it sparks. Thank you again for the amazing work you do each day - we are doing great things for kids !!!!

I LOVED seeing all the student work up and in the classrooms and hallways - let's keep that going.

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We are back this year with "Damon and Stephanie's Favorite Things" !!!

Be sure to watch Bonjour Rosewood each morning for this exciting annual treat

Thanks to some of our business and community sponsors for donations to make this year fun and interesting !



DRESS UP: Jingle All The Way Day


DRESS UP: Sparkle and Shine Day

Note: Grade 2 field trip today to Children's Theatre of Charlotte

Professional Development

Gentle reminder: Tuesdays are to be reserved for faculty meetings, PLC time, collaboration or professional development. Please do not make any appointments, conferences, plans, etc. for Tuesdays. Even if we are not meeting as a staff this is TIME for you to work with colleagues or on other individual school/team tasks. As you are looking forward to January, please ensure your calendar follows this expectation. Thank you

Two items for Tuesday:

  1. If you have not yet completed the entire IB module in Canvas, please work on it Tuesday afternoon. (this makes 4 hours of paid time allocated to complete this task)
  2. If you have completed the task (THANK YOU) you will be receiving a GOOSE (Get Out Of School Early) pass that you may use on Tuesday ! For those who work Challenger...maybe use your pass for a quick after school break at Sonic or Starbucks or a walk around the neighborhood before reporting back for Challenger. Thank you.


DRESS UP: Holiday Movie Day - great day for a group inspired by your favorite film !

Note: Annual Chorus Field Trip to sing at area nursing homes today
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Door Decorating Contest Video Released is the day the Decorated Doors Video will be shared ! Please watch with your students. They will be able to vote for their favorite door on Thursday and Friday.

VOTING PROCEDURES: each child gets 1 ticket. They place the ticket in the envelope/box for the door they like best. ALL VOTING MUST BE COMPLETED by 10am on FRIDAY. Please count your votes with your students. (great way to incorporate math talk) You will submit your count total using this google form. You should be able to also view the results publicly to monitor/chart/graph or make predictions as the day goes by :)

Winners will be announced at the end of the day (and prizes awarded !!!!)


DRESS UP: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

mmmm....potato bar day for lunch !!!

Bring $5 to Mrs. Douglas for the potato bar lunch. THANK YOU Mrs. Douglas (.....and company) for organizing our monthly birthday lunches !!!!

Holiday Dinner On The Town(e)

We are so excited to celebrate the season at Towne Tavern in Fort Mill on Thursday, December 18th at 6:30pm.

Please be sure to bring cash for your meal.

THANK YOU, MERCI, GRACIAS, DANKE to Mrs. Notarangelo and Madame Gignac for organizing this event and even making the table decorations !! We are looking forward to seeing everyone

Challenger Holiday Performance

Challenger students will be presenting their annual holiday performance for parents at 4pm. Stop by to see this fun and wonderful tradition !


DRESS UP: "Headed" for the Holidays - wear your favorite head gear (hats/headbands/etc)

PTO Lunch

We are so thankful for the support of the PTO. They will be providing a catered lunch for the staff. They are hoping to have some additional parent coverage for the cafeteria, and Mrs. DiStasio/Mr. Ward will be in the cafeteria so that teachers have a chance to go eat or make a plate.

Do You Know Our Vision?

To be the most EXTRAORDINARY public International Baccalaureate school in the country