The House Of Scorpion

Nancy Farmer

Nancy Farmer bio

born in Phoenix Arizona in 1941 and grew up on the Arizona-Mexico border and worked at her fathers hotel 9 years old. Nancy went to reed college in Portland Oregon she earned her bachelors in 1963 and after joined the peace corps where she was sent to India (1963-1965). When she returned she moved into a commune in Berkley and sold newspapers. Later she got a at UC Berkley working in the entomology department she also took Chemistry courses. Nancy then decided to go to Africa were she stayed with a friend. She lived in Africa for awhile and then met her husband Harold they moved to the Arizona mountains in a major drug route for opium. Both Nancy and Harold had a son named Daniel.
Nancy is the author of nine novels, three picture books, and several short stories her book "the house of scorpion" was published in 2002.

Matt (Matteo alacran) main character

Matt is a boy who was kept in a house out on the country side in Opium a strip of land in Azatlan (once Mexico) with a woman ,Celia, who raised him his entire life but is not his mother and makes sure he knows that. never seeing other people he wasn't allowed to leave the house at all and his safety was top priority. when Matt finally escapes he is taken Alacran estate where he is known as a monster by everyone there (the family, servants, and their friends) Matt finds sanctuary in they only people who have ever loved and who he knows as his "family" Maria (his best friend), Celia (his caretaker), Tam Lin (his body guard), and El Patron whom Matt is clone to for reasons he doesn't know. El Patron is a 146 year old drug lord that uses clones, eejits, and organ harvesting to his benefit. Matt must find who he can really trust and what everyone around him is hiding. "I'll tell you this: El Patron has his good side and his bad side. Very dark indeed his majesty when he wants to be. When he was young ,he made a choice, like a tree does when it decides to grow on way or the other. he grew large and green until he shadowed over the whole forest, but most of his branches are twisted." (7.38).

The Book

types of readers that would enjoy "the house of scorpion" are people who enjoy sci fi action/adventure type books. this book has so many twists and turns things you don't see coming. this book holds topics on young love, family, betrayal, and rebellion this is a good book for both boys and girls probably mostly teens.
I liked this book it wasn't my favorite but it had many good cualities i liked reading about Matt's adventures and troubles that he faces and I was never bored while reading .

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