Willow Way School Success Meeting

Wednesday February 11th, 2015-Room 15 3:40 p.m.

“Teaching is a creative profession, not a delivery system.” ~ Ken Robinson

A. Engage Math-Anup & Zelia

  • Success Criteria for a Rich Numeracy task:

  1. Curricular Focus
  2. -Numeracy Focus
  3. -Problem Solving Required
  4. -Multiple Entry Points
  5. -High Cognitive Demand
  6. -Selecting Tools and Strategies
  7. -Intellectual and Social Engagement

  • Minds on Activity-'How do you end up with the most chocolate
  • Resources-Eyes on Math & You Cubed
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C. Teaching & Learning

    1. Descriptive Feedback

      1. Moderation- Share with your groups members the Descriptive Feedback tool you used with your students. What was successful and what would change or do differently next time?

      2. Reflection-Refer to handout

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D. Health & Safety

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