Postive and Negative


There are many types of stressors in life; being in an unfamiliar city, a job, school obligations, finances, and family are all just a few examples.

Benefits and Consequences of Stress

Benefits of stress include motivation and being more adaptable in the constant changing of life. Consequences of stress include mood disorders such as depression or anxiety, can cause a negative effects on someone's life.

Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Low energy, headaches, over or under eating, backaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, and obesity are all some physical signs and symptoms of stress.

Primary Prevention

Having a list or planner to be organized, having a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, such as yoga, and getting enough sleep can prevent stress from taking over your life.

Secondary Prevention

Having screenings and tests completed such as high blood pressure screenings, and stress tests done to keep checking on your stress level.

Tertiary Prevention

Restoring one's life to optimal functioning. This could be learning or going to classes to learn to cope and adapt to stress, rehabilitation methods for dealing with long or short term stress and learn to not let to come in the way of living.

Defense Mechanisms

Repression, such as only remembering the good times and repressing or thinking bad times never existed. Denial which is the refusal to accept facts of reality. Regression is the
act in which individuals regress or go back to doing things that were acceptable before, but are not now, such as sucking your thumb when you were two and doing that when you are twenty. Displacement is displacing feelings, such as anger onto people that were not involved in the original reason of the anger. Rationalization is finding the good in things you've done that you know were wrong. Projection, such as being mad at your family for not being supportive, but you actually are the one who is not supportive. Reaction formation is making unwanted thoughts into the opposites of them. Compensation is compensating by making adjustments in an area you are lacking and doing good in a different area to make up for it. Introjection is taking in another person's feelings or attitudes. Undoing is reversing or undoing a thought or feeling you have.

Stress Management Techniques

Deep breathing, meditation, relaxation, listening to music, yoga or any form of exercise can all help relive stress and manage it.