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THE "WILD THING" Experiment could be your job or part of it!

What is the "Wild Thing" Experiment? & What is that "Wild Thing"?

About a month ago, my University professor gave me a "Wild thing." This wild thing was tiny, brown, with lots of feet and an with a tiny exoskeleton. Since then it is been growing in size, however, it has not changed, like many of my friends "Wild things." I have realized this wild thing of mine will undergo metamorphosis and eventually change into a black beetle. I know this because I have seen my friends wild thing and because I have read a chapter in Oatmeal Bugs, found in the NSTA website. In Oatmeal Bugs, I confirmed my theory that my larvae was a mealworm and that it was supposed to turn into a beetle for many reasons; First, the larvae described here are described as tiny, brown, and having short legs, just like the larvae I got; Second, the larvae described here also lives in oatmeal and needs a piece of apple or potatoe to survive, just like my University professor told me; Third, the mealworm as described here, first turns bigger and then it changes into a beetle, mine is just getting bigger and soon it will probably turn into a beetle. Therefore, I believe the "Wild Thing" is a mealworm that turns into a beetle.

... If you would loved to observe insects in the "Wild Thing" Experiment, keep reading. I will tell you all about who does this as their job!!!!!!! Maybe you could do it too!!!!

Angeles Rivero

Angeles Rivero is a teacher in the making, studying bilingual education at the University of Houston. She will be graduating in May 2016. After graduation, She will pursue a career in Elementary Education.