By: Lauren Schondau

How And Where The Wichita Lived:

~ The Wichitas lived in the northern part of Texas, in the North Central Plains and the Great Plains.

~ The Wichitas lived in grass houses made of forked ceder poles.

~ The Wichitas are still a tribe living on reservations in Oklahoma.

The Foods They Ate:

~ The Wichita ate the animal meat they hunted raw.

~ From spring to fall the Wichita grew pumpkin, squash, beans, and plum trees.

~ Even though the Wichita lived near several rivers, they never ate fish or went fishing.

~ When the Wichita migrated west they would eat and hunt buffalo.

~ The women collected nuts and fruits to eat.

Fun Facts:

Special Traditions and Religions:

~ The Wichita had shaman who sometimes acted as medicine men.

~ The Wichita spoke a language called wichita.

~ They believed in natural forces around them.

~ They told lots of stories and were known for how good they were.

Weapons and Tools:

~ The Wichita Nation did not have metal or steel so they couldn't make spear points.

~ Instead the Wichita used obsidian since it was sharp and hard to break.

~ Since they lived on a plain buffalo was their main source. They used bow and arrows to kill the buffalo. Later they improved the bow and arrow by making them out of buffalo tendons.

~ They also made spoons, knives, and other cooking utensils out of stone.

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Organization Of Leadership:

~ They had a head chief who was elected by the head warriors.

~ Their society was highly viewed as egalitarian.

What Became of Them:

~ The Wichita Nations population decreased in 1800's due to diseases and other indian tribes.

~ In 1872, the Wichita bought 743,000 acres of land in Caddo County, Oklahoma and still live on that land today.

~ The Wichita tribe is still maintained with a population of about 1,798 indians.