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Light Up the Night Parade

Thank you so much, Christine, for pretty much single-handedly orchestrating this!

And thank you to Traci and Damian Cooper for joining in the JSM fun with the parade!

Darin and I thought we were going to be back at the school for portfolio walks that night. But, because they were cancelled, we were able to join the parade; it was so fun to see our kids along the parade route, and they were thrilled to see us. Especially Swifty!!!

A huge thank you goes out to the Jean-Baptistes for supporting this adventure; Carole was a big help and Mike (Carole's husband) walked the parade route as Swifty. :)

Staffing Update

Debby Kirtzinger's LOA has been extended to spring break.

Cory Pylypow is off work for a while, because her son was injured in a highway accident on Friday.

We wish these two valued staff members all the best!

If K, 1 and 2 teachers used this number sense game...

...imagine how much easier it would be for grade threes to learn the concept of multiplication!

While the teacher in this video uses multiplication equations in her American K class, our teachers could just use phrases, like "3 groups of 4", and reinforce the foundation for formally learning multiplication later on.

In the meantime, our K, 1 and 2 students would be up and moving, as well as learning about numbers, grouping, social skills, and problem-solving.

Watch this short video, and think about how much you - as a teacher facilitator - could teach students by just playing this game. Planning this lesson takes 0 time in your lesson plans, but the learning opportunities are great. Work smarter, not harder!

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

So, as you've seen, Wolf Creek has just hired a new OH&S Coordinator. Our JSM inspection this week is just being done by the JSM admin, but now that there is once again someone in the OH&S position, we need to be more vigilant that the OH&S standards are being met.

Here are some things all staff members need to know about Fire Safety...

Big image

Doorways must be clear... so not even one poster...

All doors are free of combustible materials as per Alberta Fire Code.

All vestibule doors have a clear line of sight through the glass (posters, artwork or other obstructions do not block the line of sight).

Other things to know...

  • Anything hanging from the ceiling needs to be high enough that the tallest person likely to walk under it won't get hit in the head by it. So, no lower than about 6'4" from the floor. They must not interfere with motion sensors or vents either.
  • Workstations are kept free of excessive amounts of extraneous materials.
  • Work surfaces are clear of extraneous materials that could affect an occupant's ability to work safely and comfortably.
  • Heavy materials must be stored at waist height or lower; all materials must be stored safely and without crowding on shelves. No bins or any other materials can hang over the edges of shelves.
  • All non-standard items must be approved by an administrator, facilities manager, and/or OH&S coordinator.

Teaching Empathy

You might want to use this in your classroom...
RSA Shorts - The Power of Empathy