What would the "GOLD YOU" DO?

Take action like you are a GOLD

Reconstructing the Way

You think about yourself, the world, your business. Are your affirmations matching your actions? You see, actions are the search engine of your world. Your subconscious is the conductor of the train running your life, we choose what we put in our brain. Some of it, comes from old limiting beliefs gained during our childhood, and some of those no longer serve the person you are today.

This is not about blaming our parents for what they didn't know, it's about the choices you are making each day.

So let's start with your affirmations, we want to make our affirmations match our actions or they won't work. Like, each day look in the mirror and say, I'm so grateful I'm a Premier leader. I'm attracting executive leaders each day. Then take a feeling check, get quite - take a deep breathe and ask yourself how that affirmation feels....our heart is the first organ to react...Did you know that? So get into your feelings around your affirmation....

Reconstruct your brain waves, add the actions to your affirmations and you will find your recipe for success. Persistence and consistency is the other part of the this recipe. WE SHARE WITH EVERYONE, BUT WE BUILD WITH ...Qualities and testing. Write out the qualities of the leaders you are attracting and make sure your ready to receive them.

Look forward to the next chapter of this process coming to an email inbox near you.

Power of the story

What does your story say about you, your products or your service? Defining who you want to work with is a big part of this process, you won't want to skip this step. Be sure you watch the video and spend some time to identify your market that you want to attract. Who you want to work with will define whether you find the right leaders for your organization or the people who enter your life. It all adds up to easing your frustrations or making them chaotic.

Have you ever asked yourself, why this person is showing up in a different body in my life continuously. Okay, ready to stop the insanity (you know - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results)! So stop, begin the process to make a new ending. Take action today. Choose a different action, if the old one is not giving you the results you wanted.

Getting Started checklist

Get Set Up

Viewing your team “tree” or genealogy, checking your commission check, mapping out how to earn your power of 3 bonus, emailing members, and more are all features of our robust back office. Don’t get lost here!!! Learn the back office on an “as needed” basis. As things arise, ask questions. On a rainy day, you can learn more about the back office in our Additional Resources section.

  • Set Up a 150 PV LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) Template

In order to get paid, you need to have a qualifying Loyalty Rewards Program Order. Ideally, set template to process on or before the 15th of each month.

Placing this order is important for several reasons:

  • Allows you to have products in your home to use and share
  • Qualifies you to get paid commissions by ALWAYS having a 100+PV
  • Qualifies you for the FREE product of the month at 125+PV
  • Structures you for Power of 3 more easily at 150+PV

If you have not already, watch the video below and place your qualifying LRP Order.

Placing an LRP Order

  • Set Up Your Personal Website

Don’t make this too complicated or spend too much time here. Think of a url that is easy to remember to make sharing your website easy. You can even come back later and customize the text on the website. Just get it launched for now!

  • Register for Direct Deposit

You will receive a check weekly, on or around Thursday, for FastStart bonuses earned from the previous week. You will also receive a monthly commission check that process between the 15th-17th of every month. Save the hassle of running checks to the bank with our easy Direct Deposit form!


When you've done with these simple steps click the link and sign up for the newsletter or email me at IAMOILS1@YAHOO.COM and type DONE and READY in the subject line. I'll send you the next few steps.


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