IHS Family Update - June 2022

From Principal Zipp-McLaughlin




Our last day of classes is on Tuesday, June 14th. Students in grades 9-12 only report to IHS between June 15th and June 23rd, if they are scheduled for an exam.

Teachers have the exam location and start time posted in their rooms so that students know prior to the testing day where to report. We will also have adults at our entry to help students if they forget their testing location. If you have any questions, please email your student's teacher or school counselor.
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We will serve breakfast and lunch Wednesday 6/15 - Wednesday 6/22. Breakfast is 7:30 am - 9:30 am. Lunch is 10:00 am - 12:15 pm. Hot and cold meals, as well as snacks and beverages, will be available. One of each meal is still free for students. Account money or cash will be needed for other purchases.


Classroom teachers have been reviewing content and study tips with students. The tips for each course ending in a Regents, can be found using THIS LINK under "Regents Prep."


All students are prohibited from bringing cell phones and certain other electronic devices, as defined by NYS Education Department. Students may not bring devices into the classroom or other locations where a State Regents Exam is being administered. Test proctors, monitors, and school officials retain the right to collect and hold any prohibited electronic devices prior to the start of the test administration. Admission to the test shall be denied to any student who is in possession of a cell phone or other prohibited electronic device and refuses to relinquish it.

If a student failed to relinquish their electronic device and is found to have a device during an examination, their score could be invalidated.

We will collect all electronic devices, in the Commons, store them in a secure location and then return them to students as they complete their exams. Students MUST bring a school ID or other ID to retrieve their items.

If you prefer to have your student leave their items at home, the student may use the Assistant Principal or Main Office phone to call at the end of their exam.

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Dear Families –

This letter serves as an update regarding the flexibility the Board of Regents is allowing NYS schools to exercise concerning the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 Regents examination Scores to satisfy diploma requirements. In response to the varied teaching and learning conditions caused by the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Regents is allowing for an expansion of the existing appeal process to allow for an appeal to graduate with a lower score on Regents Examinations. The purpose of this expansion is to provide greater flexibility to students taking Regents Exams in the 21-22 and 22-23 school years to meet assessment requirements for diploma. This flexibility will be known as the special appeal. The appeal process does not change the student’s score on the examination, but it does allow them to apply the appeal to the requirements of any diploma type (local, Regents, and Regents with Advanced Designation).

The special appeal can be requested and/or granted by our district’s superintendent if the following conditions are met:

  • Your child must have taken the Regents exam during the June 2022, August 2022, January 2023, June 2023 or August 2023 test administration periods.
  • Your child must have a score of 50-64 on the Regents Examination which is the subject of the appeal and was taken during one of the above administrations.
  • Your child has attained a course average in the course that meets or exceeds the required passing grade by the school and is recorded on the student’s official transcript with grades achieved by the student in each quarter of the school year.

Under the special appeal, your child needs only take the examination one time during the specific administrations listed above to be eligible to appeal. As mentioned, the approval of this appeal will not change their score on the Regents Examination itself. However, in relation to their transcript, you may choose to have your child’s score on the exam rather than an indication of “SA” for special appeal recorded by contacting the school counselor.

For more information about this information, please visit this link to the Information on the

Special Appeals:


In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s school counselor.


Students in grades 9-11 keep their laptops; they do not turn them in at the end of the year. We will communicate any process for Fall updates.

All textbooks and library books should be returned to the library no later than the day of the last Regents exam for each student.


We truly appreciate your continued support and are available to answer any questions or concerns that you have.

Be well,



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