Peer Leading

Why you should pick me...Dalton Lowe

What makes me a leader...

Compassionate-I truly listen to everybody's ideas
Open Minded-I'm willing to take suggestions
Reliable-You can trust me with anything

What I hope to gain...

A sense of pride because my leadership skills will be put to good use.
Experience so that my leadership skills can expand.
Just the overall fun I would have helping people out.

How I would describe myself...

Honest- I all ways tell the truth no matter the consequences
Leader- I always try steer people in the right direction rather than follow the crowd
Determined- I will do practically whatever it takes to get a task done

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Who Inspires me...

My Mom is the one who truly inspires me to try new things and be the best I can be no matter the odds I'm faced with. Also a single mom who always puts me first.