Florida Keys Pod Squad!

Florida Keys Pod Squad Looking for Volunnteers

2 Pilot Whales Found Stranded!

Koby Easton found the mother whale 'Lady' caught in a shrimp net. After freeing the whale,the whale gave birth to 'Squirt'. Later discovered on the sand flats by Koby, she held Lady up for many hours until a search crew came looking for her. Soon after, we came by and later welcomed Koby to the Pod Squad. The whales are still looking for release in a few weeks. Koby was welcomed into the whales heart as well as family.

More about Koby...

at age Eight, Koby had gotten her leg amputated because of a car who had hit her bike. This prosthetic leg,which she called her leggy, did not affect her on the water. It took Koby a while but she soon felt very at home in the small basin and began on without her leggy. With some doubt from some Pod Squad members; but they soon got over their doubts in her as she showed strength through courage and perseverance.

Realease Day....