Book Review

Tomboy by Liz Prince


The book “Tomboy” by Liz Prince is a graphic memoir (autobiography) about a young girl called Liz. She is a girl who people consider a Tomboy and has problems differentiating gender roles and herself with other people.

Page: 11

Brief quotes from the book

“Girls are expected to be polite and lovely and pink and frilly and dainty and reserved and.... BLECH. Not that there’s anything wrong but those things just never described me”

“When you don’t look or act like what everyone had been told is the norm, you get barfed on a lot.”

*First quote: page 85

My point of view

This book is really interesting and it really makes you think on society norms a lot since that is what the book enforces you to understand.

-It also has some jokes hidden here and there making the book more enjoyable and readable.

-In the book it states that people aren’t who other people want you to be, but you decide to be yourself. I agree with the author since there are a bunch of examples that happen and can be compared with, Such as your dream and what do you wanna be when you grow up, gender roles, etc.

-I really recommend this book to anybody who is having problems with gender roles, it’s funny, it’s interesting, and it shares the point of view from a different person, making it easier to understand.


I really liked the book, even though here and there, are some profound language, it uses them as to make the reading not boring and more interestingly funny. Last but not least YOU Should Read It!