Sodapop & Me

What Sodapop & Me have in common.


Soda is the middle child and is the one that can make anyone feel good. He will listen to the peoples problems if they just want to rant about them. He is good looking and can't pay attention for a very long time. He is strong hearted and doesn't like when family fights. He is a hard worker when he wants to be. "Come on, Pony. Let's go to bed". He takes care of his brothers.


I'm the middle child and I can sometimes make people feel good. I'll listen to people rant about there problems even if it's about some one I like. I'm not so good looking and I can't pay attention all that well. I'm strong hearted when I want to be, and I'm a hard worker. I try to take care of my family the best I can but there's a lot of problems that need to get taken care of.

SodaPop Timeline

  • Finds Pony beat up by the Socs on the side of the Street and comforts him.
  • Soda watches Darry hit Pony
  • Soda Writes a letter to Pony saying Darry didn't mean to hit him and was worried sick about them.
  • Soda goes to the hospital to see Pony for the first time in a week.
  • Soda is showing off to the reporters because he likes to have the cameras on him.
  • Soda girlfriend Sandy went to Florida and left Soda miserable
  • Soda gets and un opened letter sent back from Sandy and know she didn't love him as much as he loved her.
  • Soda and the Gang go to the rumble vs. the Socs and win but Soda is going back with a cut
  • Soda and the rest of the gang watch as Dally gets shot by the police.
  • Soda run out of the house because he can't stand his brothers fighting any more so Darry and Pony have to chase after him