Smoky Mountain, Event, and Aerial Photography.

A little bit of my background.

I love the unusual, whether photography, video/film, nature, volunteer service, fishing, computers, robots, cyber security or just getting to know authentic people. I believe people are God's living art. Those who are most beautiful have embraced how God has uniquely made them, stepped into it, and are comfortable in their skin. I love to capture the moments that show their unique beauty. After receiving my first camera, I started to train my eye to naturally spot the unusual. Going frequently into to the Smoky Mountains has given me the opportunity to advance my skills in photography. Every time I go, I learn something new and keep on adding to my knowledge base. One of my greatest learning highlights was at the yearbook conference in Atlanta, Georgia, the summer of 2014. During the closing ceremony, they presented the top 14 pictures out of 40,000 submitted - two of my pictures were selected. I currently own a couple of drones that I use to take aerial photography. It is equipped with a GoPro Hero 3. I am currently a freshman and manage the photography staff at my school. I am excited to learn more with my internship with Waldorf Photography, as I continue to hone my skills in photography.

The two top pictures from the Expo

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Some of my pictures and videos.

Highlights of a drone!