Pride and Prejudice Projects

By Melody Wade

Character Relationship Analysis

Darcy and Elizabeth are the two main characters in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. They have an interesting relationship. This relationship started at a dance that they both attended. Darcy needed a dance partner. He surveyed the room and found Elizabeth sitting alone without a dance partner. He decided that she was not good enough for him, since his pride prevented him from seeing any other traits of hers. Throughout the book, the relationship suffered many obstacles, such as Mr. Collins proposing to Elizabeth, Wickham becoming a love interest of Elizabeth’s, and Elizabeth rejecting Darcy the first time he proposed. Darcy ended up proposing a second time, and he was to marry Elizabeth. In the next 20 years of their relationship, I think they will have a few children of their own and be the cute little “lovebirds” that I thought they were throughout the course of the book. They will fall in love with each other more every day, since that was basically what happened to them.

Love Poems

His Attempt

“I am the one for you,” said he

As she sat at the table, cringing.

“You are going to be mine. And I

Believe it is so. I have three

Reasons to support my impulsive

Love for you,” he cried.

“You shall make me happy; I am

A clergyman, and it is my duty

To set a great example; and I

Was strongly urged by a patroness
To indulge in your beauty.”

“I do not like you,” she said.

His hopes and dreams were crushed

Then and there.

Once More

“Dear lovely lady,” said he

For not the first time.

“I think of you as the utmost

Of beauty”

“You help me overcome my hardships

and pride. I help you overcome

Your prejudice,” he continued.

“I can’t bear to think of a day

In this tough existence we call

‘Life’ without you!” she cried.

“Once more, I will ask if you will

Become one with me for

The rest of our days,” he said.

“Of course I will,” said she.

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