Kennedy Elementary

August 18, 2020

Back to School Conference & Student Assessment

In order to start the year off, we would like to invite children and one parent to come in to meet their teacher and start assessing their reading and/or math. This will be a 45-minute block of time for students and teachers to get to know one another and determine their math and/or reading level.

You will need to log into PowerSchool to see who is your child or children's assigned teacher or teachers. Next, you will log into to sign up your child or children for an assessment time. As much as the schedule allows, please sign all of your children for the same time. Only one adult can accompany the children. Children who are not being assessed are asked to remain at home.

Please bring your child's school supplies to the Back to School Conference & Student Assessment. Please enter the GYM doors 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Teachers will be having a "Virtual Back to School" with your child and you prior to September 2nd.

We look forward to the school year and appreciate your support as we navigate through these changing times.

Thank you.


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Process for Back to School Conference and Student Assessment

August 21, 2020

Dear Parent(s),

The fall of each school year is a very busy time with establishing classroom procedures and conducting assessments in the area of reading and math. At Kennedy, we are excited to get one step ahead! We are inviting ALL Kennedy students to the gym for a before school assessment. The assessment will take 45 minutes for each student.

The classroom teacher will assess each child on their reading and/or math skills. We hope that having some of this information at the very start of the school year will allow teachers to meet the educational needs of each student earlier and get a jump start on small group instruction.

· Parents will sign up for available dates and times on PCT Fast which is on our Kennedy web site. The assessments will be on Thursday August 27th, Friday August 28th and Monday, August 31st. As students are being assessed, parents will have assistance in setting up Seesaw while they wait.

· We are asking that you go to PCT Fast and schedule ALL your children for one time slot.

· Please bring their school supplies to the assessment.

· The kindergarten assessment DOES require one parent/guardian to attend. Grades 1-5 DO NOT require a parent/guardian to attend.

· Only one adult should attend with their child or children. Only children who are being assess should attend.

· For two household families, make sure to schedule only ONE assessment for your child. Please communicate with each other to avoid double booking.

Parents/Guardians-you will log into PowerSchool which will indicate your child’s teacher placement . Sgn-up for ONE assessment time slot for your child or children with their assigned teacher using; (the online conference scheduling program Kennedy uses throughout the school year). You will simply select the teacher(s) accordingly and select the available assessment time.

For those with students in Grades 1-5: please note that you may send your child to Kennedy with a neighbor, friend, babysitter, etc. Or, if your Grade 1-5 child can come to the school on their own, that is fine as well. However, there will not be supervision provided so please exercise discretion.

If you have more than one child that attends Kennedy, assessments can be scheduled at the same time since parents do not attend or will only attend with their kindergarten student.

You must have your child formally registered for the 2020-2021 school year by Sunday, August 23rd (time stamped by midnight) in order for your child to participate in the assessment. If you have registered for an assessment, but have not formally registered your student by Sunday, August 23rd (timestamped by midnight)t, your scheduled assessment time will be canceled and you will need to complete the registration process and reschedule the assessment. Those families that have provided the school the required documentation and completed the online registration process will be given priority.

Required Documents:

Immunizations, Proof Of Residency, Birth Certificate

We do encourage those kindergarten families without older Kennedy siblings to try and schedule their assessments at the same time, if schedules allow.

The assessments will be scheduled by parents on a first come first serve basis. It is important for you to follow the steps for booking the assessment to ensure a time slot that works best for your family. Understandably, not all students will be able to book an assessment due to scheduling conflicts or prior commitments. If students are unable to attend the before school assessment, the classroom teacher will make sure to assess them at the start of the school year.

Five minutes prior to your scheduled time, please enter the school through the gym doors and go directly to the gym to a table labeled with your child’s teacher (if multiple children, go to the youngest child’s teacher’s table). The classroom teacher will pick up each child at the gym. Parents/Guardians are welcome to have a seat in the gym and wait for their child to complete the assessment.

Parents will be able to see the classrooms, bring all school supplies and visit with the Teacher will be holding a virtual at our Back to School Night before September 2nd.

We look forward to seeing you next week as a start to a great school year!


Karrie Rage, Principal

Eric Larson, Dean of Students