Super G Skiing

By: Luke Albright

Super G Skiing

Super G skiing, or Super Giant Slalom is in the category of Alpine Skiing. It is regarded as a speed event because the course is mainly all downhill. It is also different from regular slalom because the course is made to make skiers turn more given the name "Super." It was added to the Winter Olympics in 1988.


The purpose of this article was to collect data from the gold medalists in men and women times for Super G Skiing. Then use that data to see whether men or women are superior and when one sex will surpass the other.


The goal was to graph the gold medalists times for men and women and then to compare the times and to find out which sex is superior. Then check when one sex will surpass the other or if the pass has already occurred.

Scatter Plot

In the scatter plot the blue "x" represents the male times and the pink square represents the women's times.

Linear Regression

The blue line stands for the male line of best fit and the pink line stands for the female line of best fit.


The to lines of best fit intersect on the year 2012 where the gold medalist times for men and women are 84.11 seconds. The male tired line is decreasing in time while the women's is increasing. This means that the male gold medalist time will begin to beat the women time starting on the 2014 winter olympics.
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The x-intercept represents the year that the skier finishes a race time.


The y-intercept represents the time that the skier finishes.