About Me

Beginning of 2016

My Background

My name is Jessica Brown. I was born on December 29th, 1996. I have been to 6 different schools is my life and have lived in Kansas City for 7 years now. My mom likes to move around a lot. I am a senior at Park Hill High School. I am attending Southeast Missouri University in the fall and i'll be studying Criminology. I haven't decided if i'm going to run Cross Country in college, but I know for sure i'll be running track. I took this class so I can learn how to write efficient papers and have fun writing!
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About My Family and Me

I have lived in St. Louis and Kansas City my whole life, I have lived in St.Louis longer though. My mom lives in Kansas City, but my dad lives in St.Louis. I go to St.Louis very often. I'm more of a Cardinals fan than anything but, it was very exciting to see the Royals win the world series again! The one thing that Kansas City has over St.Louis is that Kansas City can actually come together and celebrate without any conflict. I've never seen anything like that before. I have brown hair from my mom and green eyes. My mom has brown eyes and my dad has blue. I have light skin but in the summer i'm very dark. My mom is Puerto Rican. I have one brother and two sisters. I live with my mom,stepdad,sister and my niece. Most of my family lives in St.Louis. I'm am blessed with the family and friends I have.




listening to music


hanging out with friends



talking on the phone

playing with my animals

" If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath,then you'll be successful"