Ciara Dire

What is a Photographer?

A photographer is a person who take photos as a career. There are many different types of photographers such as scientific photographers, photojournalists, studio photographers, traveling photographers, and a lot more.
tips how to photograph cats - funny and cute
Here are some tips on to photograph kittens. Photographers go through this a lot getting a perfect photo is quite hard.

About Me

I'm very shy and optimistic and I see good in everyone. I enjoy photo taking and although I like being the center of attention around family and friends, being behind the camera is where I prefer to be.

What Do Photographers Do?

Photographers take pictures for there clients and get paid. Often photographers will travel to make more money and capture more photos

Education Requirements

Photographers do not have many requirements you need a high school diploma at least but most photographers get there bachelors.


Photographers make between $20,270 and $65,510 a year. It depends on the type you are and where you work.

Other Facts

*Photographers who travel have a difficulty with spending time with family.

*Photographers have a lot of competition.

*They have high expectations from their clients.