Little Rock

By: Julia, Kelsey, Jonny, and Paxton

What happened?

9 African American students volunteered for the NAACP to attempt to enter an all-white high school. The students went to Little Rock High School, and upon trying to enter, they were brutally harassed. Arkansas governor, Orval Faubus, called the Arkansas National Guard to prevent the group from entering the school. After Faubus' cruel act, President Eisenhower stepped in and called the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division to escort the 9, and protect them throughout the year.

Desegregation and the Little Rock Nine!!!

The Five W's

Who: The Little Rock Nine- Carlotta Walls, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria Ray, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Thelma Mothershed, Terrence Roberts, Minnijean Brown, and Melba Patillo. Hazel Massery yelled at Elizabeth Eckford because she didn't want her entering the school. Governer Faubus called in the Arkansas National Guard. Eisenhower sent in the US Army's 101st Airborne Division to escort the 9 into the school.

What: 9 black student volunteered for the NAACP to enter the all-white Central High School. Whites were still against integration in schools, although the Brown vs Board of Education made segregation illegal. The military was involved in blocking and eventually escorting the Little Rock Nine.

When: September 25, 1957 (during the Civil Rights Movement)

Where: Little Rock, Arkansas at Little Rock Central High School.

Why: The NAACP wanted to promote integration in schools. Whites still discriminated, and were not fond of the Little Rock Nine's actions. Faubus was not in favor of the group, either. Eisenhower, as President had to step in, since segregation was illegal.

Events that led up to Little Rock

The end of segragation in schools had just occured because of the Brown vs Board of education. The NAACP wanted to put integration of schools in motion, so they asked for volunteers to enter Central High School.

Effects of Little Rock Nine

People voted to close all four of Little Rock's high schools to prevent further desegregation efforts. Also, other schools around the country started to integrate. The amount of black women graduates tripled, and amount of male graduates quadrupled.

Life for African Americans

They were viewed as more equal students, thought they were already allowed to attend school with whites.

Event That Contributed to the Civil Rights Movements as a Whole

The little Rock Nine challenged segregation, they drew attention to the impact of the integration crisis, which was centered around The Little Rock Nine Central High School. Also their entrance to the school sparked a nationwide crisis.

How did Little Rock Nine Lead to Future Events?

The following year, Little Rock officials closed the schools in 1958 to prevent integration. But in 1959, the schools were open again. Both black and white children were in attendance.