Tick Tick Tick BOOM!! Fic Is Here!

Get It Now!!!


FIC is the newest installment of our Prefix prologue, FIC can be anything you want a cow, a clock, a couch, and if you want it can be food! (No promise that FIC will come back) FIC is the best prefix you'll ever have. It's perfect for anyone!

How FIC has helped some happy customers

One of out happy customers, is Mr. John Houston he was in desperate need of something creative, but anything creative costs a lot of money. When he found our product FIC, he bought it right away for only 5 dollars. After that day, Mr. John never bought anything again

What does fic look like you ask?

FIC can look like anything you like, but the basic look of FIC is a bubble, inside of the bubble you see chemicals floating in the bubble. Those chemicals are a combination of 10 different chemicals that are we combine for every bubble. All you do is trigger the chemicals and it will change it based on what chemicals.


We are not responsible for any injures, or deaths caused by this product, or any type of criminal act that invokes this product