The Classroom Buzzz...

News Reported by Mrs. Paluch's Class

May 9, 2016

Edited by: Julia, Gianna, Henry and Hannah

Teacher Appreciation Week

On Monday the 2nd it was Batter Up! Wear a hat to school week. On Tuesday the 3rd we had to wear P.J.s and our class got to bring a stuffed animal too. And on Wednesday we had ride your bike to school and A.C.E.S. . On Thursday we had dress up fancy. Finally on Friday we had the book fair . Also this week Mrs.Paluch won teacher of the month!!!!!!!

What's Happening in Specials...

Fitness Testing in P.E.

In P.E. we are doing fitness testing. we have done the arm hang, sit ups, the four forty, the 50 yard dash, and some other things. We also played a game called monster tag. How this game works is there are three monsters and they have to try and hit you with a ball and you get really tired afterwards. It was really fun!

Weaving in Art

In art we are doing weaving. Some students did rainbow,patriotic (red,white,and blue),and many other colors. Mrs. Collins, our art teacher, can literally fix any mistake you make in weaving. If you accidentally do the entire weaving board the wrong color, she can fix that in the same amount of time it takes you took you to to cover the weaving board.


In music we are doing routines to songs that Mr. Hafenrichter plays on the piano . It is so fun and the songs are so incredibly catchy. We cant wait for our next Music class.

Jokes by: Max Bonez

Why did the turkey cross the road? He wanted to show the chicken he wasn't a chicken!

Who's Darth Vaders bride an EllaVater!

How do you drown someone in a submarine? You knock on the door!

Did You Know? Crazy Facts

Did you know you should never get a llamas ears wet?

Did you know that some lizards lick their faces?

Did you know that giraffes tongues are purple?

Social Studies, regions and states

In social studies we are learning about regions and states and our friend Mrs. Guseman told us about our state region. Also she brought in a real life fox. That was stuffed and packed so that you can keep the dead animal. She even let us pet it. It actually felt like a real foxes fur. Now that was interesting!

MVP book review by: Ella Stoller

In class we are reading a read out loud book called MVP. In this book a ordinary boy named Adam Story is offered a trip to go all around the world for a lot of money. When hes traveling a strange thing happens. He wonders if there is another side that is racing for the same thing.What will his mother think? in this book Adam faces many challenges. Will he turn back or will he keep going for the prize? If you want to know read the book MVP and see what very important decisions Adam makes with his life...