Rules of Futsal

The basic rules for the sport of Futsal:

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a game very similar to soccer, but on a smaller scale and with slightly different rules. Two opposing teams try to kick the ball into the nets at either end of the court, working together by passing the ball and lobbing it. However, the twist is that they can't use their hands, adding difficulty to the sport. All in all, it can be complicated and this is for those who don't know the essential rules of Futsal.


• Players cannot touch the ball with their hands or arms.

• There must be five players on each of the two teams playing on the field but they can have as many substitute players as they wish.

• Whenever a game starts, a team must kickoff from the centre back towards their goal. If a team scores the opposing team shall kickoff.

• When a players kicks the ball out on the sideline, the opposing team kicks off from the sideline where the ball went out.

• When a player kicks it out at the other team's end of the court, the opposing team's keeper kicks it off from his circle. If a player kicks the ball out at their own end of the court, the other team gets a corner kickoff.