By: Tori, Megan, Hannah, Makenna, Allison

Mental and Physical Causes


  • Worrying about something
  • Pessimism
  • Negative self-talk
  • Unrealistic expectations/ Perfectionism
  • Lack of flexibility
  • All-or-nothing attitude


  • Major life changes
  • Work and school
  • Financial problems
  • Children and family
  • Mr. Wolf

Ways To Relieve Stress



-express your feelings with others

-Do something fun


-Guided imagery



-Breathing exercise

-Progressive Muscle relaxation


-"Do the work" -Mr. Wolf

Interview with Shelby And Kat

What is the most recent reason for stress in your life?

Shelby: Balancing WHAP reading and other homework.

Kat: Studying and understanding WHAP.

What was your initial reaction to stress?

Shelby: Worry about it.

Kat: Run my fingers through my hair and throw my head to a desk.

How do you handle stress?

Shelby: Stay up late and finishing it all.

Kat: ^^

Would you say that Mr. Wolf is a large cause to your stress?

Shelby: Yes

Kat: Basically