Adrienne Louise Clarkson

First of many things...

Do you know Adrienne Louise Clarkson?

Adrienne Louise Clarkson was born on February 10, 2015 in Hong Kong China. She immigrated to Canada when she was young with her parents due to Japan invading China. For a while she was a CBC reporter and had her own show. In 1991 she became the governor general of Canada. She became the first of a lot of things when she became governor general. A few of those things include that she was the first Canadian refugee to become governor general, first Chinese-Canadian to become governor general, first non-white governor general, first governor general without having a military/political background, and was the second female governor general. During her time as governor general, 1999-2005, she traveled more than any other governor generals. In total she traveled around 11 500km and over 100 communities across Canada ONLY. She also traveled in other countries such as Kosovo, Afghanistan, Bosnia, The Gulf, and Kabul to visit the Canadian troops on holidays. She was supposed to step down in 2004 but was asked by Prime Minister Paul Martin to stay one more year. Sadly in 2005 she stepped down due to a 7 second heart failure.

Learn more about her on or her book "Heart Matters"