Surfing & Researching on the "Net"

Surfing Safe @ Home + School

What you need to know to Surf Safely on the Net

Click the Commonsense Media link below. It will take you to the web page. Please watch the Video on Internet Safety. When you are finished, close the link to return to the flyer.

What will be your plan for staying safe while surfing the Net? Outline your plan and share it with your teacher and parents. Post your plan on your computer.

Be Smart & Surf Safe All the Time, Everytime

Breaking it Down....Just Be SMART

What is Net-iquette?

Code of appropriate (moral) behaviors all users should follow while using the Internet.

In other words.....

If you wouldn't like it done to you, then no one would like it if you did it to them

Using what you've learned on this flyer, list 4 good manners to outline your plan for Net-iquette. Share them with your teacher and parents. Then post them on your computer.

Know How to Use What you Find

What is Plagiarism?

Resources for Proper Referencing

When do I need to cite a source? General rule of thumb "Give credit where credit is due". If you found the information within the source, cite the source.

APA Website:
Power Point presentation:

MLA Website:

Click on the What is Plagiarism? link below. When you arrive on the webpage. Click on Listen (or you may read the text) under the title. Close the link when finished to return to flyer.

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