how to Avoid

What is Fraud

Fraud is when someone intentionally decieves you to gain something. Fraud comes in three main forms Phishing and Smishing, Retail or action fraud, and work at home fraud. The first form of fraud is Phishing and Smishing, this is when someone sends you a fake email to get your personal and or account information. Retail or Action fraud is when you purchase something online and you never get it. The last kind of fraud is Work at home fraud, when you pay for a kit or componets for an "easy" at home job.

How to Avoid

Fraud is a very dangerous thing and needs to be avoided at all costs. When you get an email that you now is a fraud delete it and do not reply. Research the website that you are buying products from, make sure that you read the reviews. If it looks too good to be true then it is probably fraud. Using this tips you should be able to avoid fraud.

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