QR & AR in the 3'Rs

Learn about these technologies in this session!

QR...AR...oh my!

Have you wondered about those "funny" black & white codes on everything. Have you ever seen someone scan an image and it magically comes to life? The answers to these questions and so much more will be presented in the QR & AR session at the CESA #4 Summer Tech Academy. Join me and educators from around the state to learn how to implement these technologies in your classroom environment.

Here's the 411...

Dates: June 17-20, 2014

Times: 9AM-3PM

Location: CESA #4, West Salem, WI

Registration: Follow this LINK to get registration details. **Session can also be taken for credit. Read more about it on the CESA website LINK.

More Info: Check out the "About the Instructor" LINK below to learn more!