Collected Resources for Year 2

Objects of past generations Y2

Where we are in place and time:

Central Idea: Learning about previous generations helps people understand the present.

Key Concepts to be emphasized: Change and Connection

Related Concepts: Chronology, history, innovation

Subject Focus: Social Studies

What is Music?
Kids try to figure out old technology
nbmike65 - Obsolete Technology

Favorite Webpages:

Here are some useful sites:

History of...



Old Computers:

Photos around the world of children and their special toys:

What objects are important to you?

Bedford Toys Activities:

History of toys:

History of Toys and Games:

History of Toys: BBC Primary History:

Brief History of Toys:

Encyclopedia Britannica History of Toys:

Activity online to learn about how toys have changed:

A basic site but it has a simple timeline and some information on inventors.
A more in-depth timeline of popular toys.
A good site for an online quiz.
A very in-depth timeline. May be good for the teacher. A pupil will need adult help to go on this site.
An excellent site. You can choose certain toys to research.

Videos that could be useful:

MyMuseum Center in a Minute - Toys Through Time - Episode XXXVII
Where the Toys Come From (Part 1)
Where the Toys Come From (Part 2)
Where the Toys Come From (Part 3)
Where the Toys Come From (Part 4)
Where the Toys Come From (Part 5)
Toys And Games In The Victorian Era (History Homework)
Ancient Egyptian Toys and Games
Slinky, Slinky Dog and Slinky-Mobile: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots by Marx: Vintage Toys & Games for Christmas

Collected by Debbie Alvarez