Karl Plagge

Righteousness among nations.

Karl Plagge

Plagge was a World War I veteran. He was drawn in by Hitler's promises and the Nazi party to rebuild the German economy. He joined the Nazi Party in 1931 and worked to further its stated goals of national rejuvenation. However, he began to come into conflict with the local party leadership over his refusal to teach Nazi racial theories, which, as a man of science, he did not believe.

Plagge saved around 1,240 Jews.

he was a Wehrmacht officer, engineer and Nazi Party member who during World War II used his position as a staff officer in the Heer to employ and protect

The Jews Karl Plagge had saved:

He gave work certificates to the Jews certifying them as essential and skilled workers regardless of their actual background.

Plagge's WARNING:

In the summer of 1944 the Soviet Red Army advanced to the outskirts of Vilnius. Knowing this the Jews in camp knew that the SS would try to kill them days before the Germans retreat. Many Jews prepared this by discreetly making hiding places in their bunkers,walls and rafters in the attic. The bad thing is, the prisoners need to know when the SS are coming so they can hide.
Karl plagge gave a speech to the Jewish prisoners who were present at the time, with an SS officer. Ge explained to the Jewish workers that he was being relocated to the west and despite his request could no bring them. But he told them no to worry, because on July, 3 1944 the workers will be relocated.

With this warning half of the camp went into hiding. The 500 jews who did go to roll call on July 3rd was taken into the woods and were shot.

He would also supply extra food for the Jews in their workshops