December 11, 2014


  • Celebrations

  • Recalibration Update-- folder in Google that will be shared-- Middle school only has to watch the videos on Personal Narrative and Expository.

  • Instructional Talk

      • Teaching from the desk
      • Checking for understanding - who knows it and how do you know
  • Technology Strategies/Google -- how are you feeling about these things? How can I help?

  • Goals for the Spring-- On an index card, write 2 goals you have for the instruction/student learning in your class & write at least 1 personal goal for your career in education & at least 1 personal goal that does not have to relate to education.

    • Instructional

    • Personal

  • Be thinking about ELA/SS Night-- It's going to be here before we know it, we need to start planning now. What kind of booth do you want to do this year? What supplies will you need?

Important Dates to Remember

  • Recalibration Training/Videos-- due date TBA
  • Final Exams begin on Tuesday, December 16
  • Winter Break-- December 22-January 4
  • Teacher Work Day/Staff Development Day- January 5
  • MLK Holiday- January 19
  • ELA/SS Curriculum Night- February
  • ELA 7th grade Writing Mock & 8th grade Math Mock- February 18


  • Time

    • Start and end on time

    • Stay on topic

  • Productivity

    • Keep personal distractions to a minimum

    • Be respectful of those speaking - limit side conversations

    • Come prepared

    • Look at agenda in advance

  • Atmosphere

    • Non-threatening

    • Listen to others while remembering to be respectful

    • Don’t whine, shine

    • Open communication - be willing to share

    • Be mindful of vocal volume