Chapter 12 Comparison

By Teagan Blom


The people in 1890 worked in mills, farms, and mines, but now most people use computers just like my dad. Also the working conditions for these people were hot, cramped, and damp in all of the jobs, but especially in the mines and mills. They were mistreated and it was unfair. Now working conditions are clean, roomy, and they are treated fairly. The final difference is that most of the people worried about the life in front of them, but the tip that my dad gave me was to stay clam and not worry. (Hakuna Matata)


My dad's grandparents came over by ship from Germany and Ireland. They came over for freedom of speech, religion and a new opportunity. Also they lived by people that had the same culture as them so they could understand each other and have the same traditions just like the people in the 1890's did.


Now you can tell that coming to the U.S.A. now and in the 1890's had its simalarities and differences. Like people in chapter 12 worry about their life, but the tip my dad gave me was not to worry at all. Also both my heritage and chapter 12 came over by ship.