Welcome to Kindergarten

Planning Entry to School for Kim

What is the Purpose of the Transition Planning Meeting?

Familiarity with the expectations of the school setting helps children adjust more easily to school and reduces anxiety about starting school for both parents and children, this is especially true with students with exceptionalities. The purpose of the transition planning meeting for Kim is to identify strategies required to support the transition for her with an IEP, develop a transition plan in collaboration with her transition team and to implement strategies and determine next steps. The meeting will also mean considering development of a Safety Plan, arranging visits to current setting (day-care, home, etc), arranging a visit to classroom/school, preparing visuals to assist with the transition: school photo book or video, map of the school and classroom/school scan of learning materials, resources and space.

Who is Involved in the Transition Process?

  • You, Kim's guardians
  • Myself, Kim's future Kindergarten teacher
  • Ms. Doyle, Kim's future Early Childhood Educator
  • Kim's current and former preschool teachers and teaching assistants
  • Kim's occupational therapist, pediatrician, SLP and physiotherapy team
  • Mrs. Johnson and the administrative and special education teams at Green Valley Elementary School

What is the Transition Process Going to Look Like?

This first meeting is not the first step in the transition process. Sharing Kim's needs with school administration and staff, attending to her early intervention and doing as much as you have to ensure that Kim has every opportunity in life proves that you are well into the transition process of entry into school. Next, we will meet to discuss Kim's strengths and needs with the transition team responsible for ensuring smooth entry into school for Kim. Part of this will mean planning times when Kim can visit her future classroom, become acquainted with the school and meet with staff. We will provide you with information regarding school policies, daily routines and offer resources to begin preparing Kim for these routines in the comfort of your own home. Our primary focus will be to ensure that Kim becomes as independent as possible.

Beyond the Meeting: What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Those Involved?

Your Roles and Responsibilities:

  • continue providing Kim with support in your home
  • Keep staff at Green Valley up-to-date with any changes relevant to Kim's success
  • Contact me if you have any questions or concerns

The Roles and Responsibilities of Others:

  1. Current and Former Care Providers and Specialists: report fully on Kim's present and former condition and respond to queries from staff at Green Valley when necessary.
  2. Myself and Ms. Doyle: Encourage, Support and Report on Kim's successes, needs and strategies currently being used. Follow the transition plan and effectively implement the IEP. Re-evaluate strategies, accommodations and IEP goals as needed.
  3. Administration: Ensure the transition plan, safety plan and IEP are being followed effectively.

How Will This Prepare Kim for The Future?

In creating a clear picture of how far Kim has come by looking to her past, we can work together to envision a bright future in which she is both supported for her current education, future education needs and future life in the community. With the support of her family, education staff, medical personnel and specialists, we can plan how best to meet Kim's needs, and how best to plan encouraging her strengths.
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