University of Oregon

Basic School Information

  • Located: Eugene, OR
  • Costs about 52,000 for four years
  • Offers pre-med
  • Requires GPA of only 3.6 unless in advanced classes

Location Information


Fun Things To Do:

  • Willamette Bike Trail
  • Cascade Raptor Center
  • Autzen Stadium
  • Valley River Mall


  • Over the year weather ranges from 34 -84 degrees
  • Weather rarely drops below 25 degrees or gets higher than 94 degrees.

Paying for College

  • I can use the money in my savings account
  • get a job and work for money
  • my parents said they woulf help me a little bit financially but i dont plan on relying on them.
  • I could also apply for a scholarship but I probably won't.

Acheiving Post Highschool Plans

What I will do to achieve my goal

  • Bring my GPA up to at least 3.6 (hopefully higher) even though I am in advanced classes.
  • Stay involved in after school activities like marching band.
Classes I will take to achieve my goal

  • Body works
  • Basic medical skills
  • Advanced medical skills
  • Advanced Rescue techniques
  • Advanced Cert

Available Volunteer Work as Training

Youth Volunteer Program at Asante Three Rivers Hospital
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