Kasey Robinson


Cryptospordium thrives on surfaces that have had soil, food, or water on it. It can also be on surfaces that are contaminated with feces both human and animal.

Implicated illness and Incubation period

This disease travels through your body till it reaches you small intestine. At this point it will attach its self to the wall. The incubation period is anywhere from one to twelve days.
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Symptoms and Duration

The symptoms of Cryptospordium include nausea, vomiting, dehydration, weight loss, fever, stomach pain, and lack of appetite. These symptoms will last for one to two weeks.


You can prevent Cryptospordium by washing your hands. You can also prevent it by making sure you wash your fruits and veggies well.

Farm to Table continuum

This disease can be picked up either at the farm from the soil or at your home. Make sure all surfaces are clean.