Visible Light

Physics Period 5 Amaya Mabry

Visible Light is the only electromagnetic wave humans can see.

The wavelength range is 400nm-700nm

The velocity in a vacuum is 300,000,000 m/s

Light only takes 1.255 seconds to get to the Moon to the Earth.

Some animals can see other parts of the electromagnetic wave that humans can't see. For example, boa constrictors and pythons are some of them.

How Do We See Color?

Video Summary

This video explains how we see color. it tells us about the visible light spectrum which is the limited amount of light humans can view. Cones and Rods are also explained, they are the things that allow us to see color

Visible Light in Life

Visible light is used in Visible Light Communication

Visible Light is used for seeing things around us in color.

Visible light radiation can cause erythema, pigmentation, thermal damage and free radical production

Visible light can also damage DNA by making reactive oxygen species

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