8th Grade Wolverine Weekly

STEAM Middle School

Campus News

Eggbot is up and running. Come make a beautiful egg. We are asking for a $1.00 donation to defray the cost of supplies.

Reading STAAR Tutoring is held before and after school.

Book Shirt Project - Due April 12- 8th Grade Book Shirt Project

Students will need to notify Mrs. Taylor of the book they will be reading. The requirements are minimal. Please see a copy of the assignment for more details and rubrics.

Students: Log in to Career Cruising and submit your course requests ASAP. Course requests are due on WEDNESDAY!

8th Grade Field Trip

Permission slips and information about the 8th Grade field trip on April 27 can be found in the link below. If you have any questions about the field trip, please contact Mrs. Harrison. Permission slips will be distributed during your student's ELA class this week.

Google Hangout with Meteorologist Alberto Romero

Wednesday, March 23rd, 8-8:30am

900 Southwest Hillside Drive

Burleson, TX

All students are invited to the Google Hangout with Meteorologist Alberto Romero on Wednesday! The 8th grade students are compiling questions they would like to ask Mr. Romero in science class. Please come learn more about weather and how to become a meteorologist! :)

STEAM & PreAP Science

Monday: Science in the Movies Writing Assignment

Tuesday: Review food webs, food chains, and energy pyramids

Wednesday: Review adaptations by creating your own human sized animal

Thursday: Vocabulary and Introductory activity for the rest of the unit. Knows and Needs to Knows due (had 15 minutes on Monday to finish)

We are beginning our last unit before STAAR this week. This unit covers information about organisms and the environment. The notes for this unit are in the link below. I will no longer be providing printed notes pages for students who want to complete them. Please have your student make a copy of the google doc and email me each section on the due date.

Parents and Students: Please bring any materials that students can use to "build" their own organism on Wednesday. Materials I will be encouraging students to bring include: tape, newspaper, toilet paper, old clothes/costumes, hats, etc.


Monday: Students will pick up where they left off on the around the room STAAR Questions.

Tuesday: We will go over the STAAR Questions they had questions on.

Wednesday: (Substitute) Short test to see what we still need to focus on

Thursday: (Substitute) Mr. Seth Hickman will be coming in to show the students how to use their calculators on the test. He will be videoed and I will post the video to google classroom for the students to access over the long weekend.



Monday: Reteach over solving by factoring. Solve by graphing

Tuesday: Using the Quadratic Formula

Wednesday: (Substitute) Students will have practice problems over Mondays material

Thursday: (Substitute) Students will have practice problems over Tuesday’s material


Homework: Page 587 #16-34, this is the assignment they are receiving in class on Thursday. If they do not finish this in class then it will be homework and Due Monday 3/28

STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

  • STAAR Test- March 30th

  • Students need to bring a book or something else to read after the STAAR test. Electronic devices are not allowed.

  • Students will continue to work on released STAAR tests and review test taking strategies.

  • Students will begin a new, independent project this week. I rarely give homework, but this a reading project that students will be doing independently. This will be a school-wide project. Students will be reading a book, writing a small report and creating a t-shirt to represent the book. The assignment is located in the google classroom or you can access it here. 8th grade book shirt project. Due April 12.

  • STAAR tutoring is held before and after school all week.

  • STAAR tutoring is cancelled Wednesday after school due to staff meetings and training.

Mrs. Nancy Taylor

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP English Language Arts

STEAM and PreAP US History

These 8th graders did outstanding on the Spring US History LBA! I am so PROUD of their efforts!

Scores have been posted to Skyward for your viewing-please know these do NOT count towards grade averages.

  • Monday and Tuesday students will collaborate as they work through a webquest designed to give them a historical perspective of slavery and the Underground Railroad.

  • Wednesday and Thursday students will peer share, discuss, and evaluate the major reform movements of the 19th century.

Mrs. Danielle Stanley

8th Grade STEAM and PreAP U.S. History


  • We will start working on a scratch board project. This project will last until March 31st.

  • Explore techniques of hatching, cross-hatching and stippling.

  • This week is our District Art Show. March 22-24 it will be on view at the Brick. March 24th from 5:30-7:00 there will be a reception. Students whose work will be in the show have been given a flyer with the information.


Students will be learning how to draw in perspective and how to advance to the levels that suite their knowledge and understanding. This could be using one, two or three vanishing points. We will practice drawing architecture, land, letters and basic forms. As additional extension, some students will be incorporating animation. These things will tie into graphic design applications. Their respective projects can also be planned and begun this week. The drawings could be anything from an old Victorian house to a movie poster in perspective. Student interest will be a huge component.

This week is our District Art Show. March 22-24 it will be on view at the Brick. March 24th from 5:30-7:00 there will be a reception. Students whose work is chosen will be notified.

Mrs. Kimberly Bishop



  • Monday 3/21 - Spanish Bell Ringer, Irregular “Yo” Present tense conjugations. Nearpod lesson. New vocabulary.

  • Tuesday 3/22: Irregular present tense verbs in context. Whiteboard activity and small group activity. Nearpod assessment as exit ticket.

  • Wednesday 3/23: Grammar review session for test. -AR, -ER, and -IR present tense verbs revisited. Subject pronouns revisited. Verb chart review. There will be an in-classroom assessment and review session.

  • Thursday 3/24: -AR, -ER, and -IR summative test.

  • Friday 3/25: Good Friday. Student holiday.

Gateway to Technology (GTT)

This week we are continuing our Energy and the Environment unit and starting a new project!

Monday (3/21)


Wednesday (3/23)


Mrs. Mandi Nelson

Gateways to Technology (GTT)

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)


This will be our last week for Magazine Cover Design

Students will…

  • Continue to use Adobe InDesign and work through tutorials to design a magazine cover, 2 page interior spread and a back cover Advertisement

  • create a magazine cover with the following items on the cover:

    • Photo of themselves

    • masthead

    • tag lines

    • Date

    • Inside Teasers

    • Main image

    • Bar code

    • Name of Model

    • Strapline

THURSDAY (2nd ½ of class)

Packing Tape Figure Project Introduction

Students will…

  • View images of packing tape figures (Instructor led)


Teacher/Student Holiday

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Parents, if you would like to contribute to the Packing Tape Project, please send 1 roll of cheap saran wrap and 2 rolls of clear packing tape with your kiddo. It is NOT required but would be appreciated. I have bought some of these items for the students but more is needed.


Mr. T.

Mr. Wayne Thames

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Tech (AAVTC)